Herbs for anxiety

Every year, over 18% of individuals in the USA suffer from anxiety disorders, Treatment options for anxiety disorders have expanded over time to include both prescribed medications and natural alternatives.(Source)

Several herbal supplements, according to research, may be beneficial for disorders such as anxiety, depression, and others.

In this article, we'll look at some of the most common research-backed anxiety herbs, as well as other possible treatments to think about.


 Herbs for anxiety

There are plenty of herbs for anxiety which will aid an individual with anxiety. Some of the most common herbs include Valerian, Ginseng, Catnip, Chamomile, Lavenders and also Damiana. There are actually a lot of herbs for anxiety. Only the herbs that are more common will be highlighted.



is a fast acting herb which will help if used within the first hour of usage. This is also a remarkable sedative. Although, this herb has no true toxic side effects, nonetheless, if this is in large dosage, this is known to have some negative effects.  The side effects of Valerian if this will work best as a tranquilizer will include drowsiness or dizziness.



has some benefits that will enhance health as well as relaxation. Even if this cannot be used as a sedative similar to Valerian, this herb can be used in increasing the sense of well being of a person that will improve his mental performance.



is known to be utilized for plenty of years and will aid people who are suffering from several ailments. Apart from being used as a relaxant, Chamomile is recognized to be used for problems with digestion and relief from menstrual pain. There are five primary varieties of Chamomile such as German, Roman, Moroccan, Cape and wild Chamomile. The Chamomile tea is usually produced from German Chamomile.



can be found in lots of gardens and are used as balm which can be applied to the temples as well as help in headaches. This herb can be used as tea for anxiety in order to provide relaxation and sleep. Lavenders will become essential oil which is called Lavender oil once these are distilled. These were used in hospitals as well as in medical facilities as disinfectants during the World War I.



is primarily used for sexual concerns, but, it is also used for depression and in enhancing the mental capacity. The disadvantage of this herb is that it will result to insomnia, headache, hallucinations, mucous membrane irritation of the urethra and also liver injury. Pregnant women are not advised to use this herb for anxiety.

The herbs for anxiety are less harmful to people when compared to the prescribed drugs because they have fewer side effects. But, there will still be side effects which could be considered to be less pleasurable.  Nowadays,  more and more medical experts are looking into the primary herbal uses in treating anxiety.

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